Manuka Sport: New Zealand Manuka Honey Athlete Performance Nutrition

Our products are great tasting, formulated for efficacy based on the latest research, and made by the top manufacturers in the world. Manuka Sport™ Energy Gels, along with our raw honey option, were launched in Europe in 2016.

“Love the Manuka Sport products. Great stuff! The hydration drink is BOMB!”

Reggie Miller
NBA Hall-of-Famer; NBA commentator and active mountain biker

“I choose Manuka Sport because it’s delicious, really healthy and brilliant fuel for the World Champion.”

Jozef Metelka
2x Paralympic Gold Medalist professional cyclist

“This stuff saved me today. Hardcore bike ride in 95-degree heat. Thank you, Manuka Sport!”

Mike MacGown


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Manuka Sport–Releasing your inner Warrior!

The most premium grade honey in the world comes from New Zealand and Manuka Sport sources honey from the very best producers. Manuka Honey is known for the natural health benefits beyond the role of a sweetener. Currently, Manuka honey is researched and used extensively worldwide as an effective means for treating hard to heal wounds in both human and veterinarian care.

Manuka Honey’s bioactivity is graded by a global standard. The mostly widely recognized marker of bioactivity strength and authenticity in Manuka Honey is the level of the natural compound MG (methylglyoxal). Manuka Sport products are independently tested and certified for MG levels in the UK to the ISO17025 standard, and are certified free of prohibited substances for the elite sport.