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What Can Energy Gels Do For You?

Is there an advantage to using energy gels?

As our understanding of energy and fitness has evolved, fitness products have risen to the occasion to provide athletes the fuel necessary for steady energy consumption. Energy gels are one such innovation as they can provide energy quickly to the areas that need it.

What Exactly Are Energy Gels?

Energy gels are convenient, on the go, servings of carbohydrate-rich liquid that can boost an athlete’s stamina and keep their activity fueled. Served in convenient pouches, these gels are made from a blend of all the familiar fitness fuels like sugar, BCBAs, and carbohydrates. The gels are meant to digest quickly and provide the body with stamina for long-lasting exercise.

These gel packets can be easily carried and used by all athletes without being unwieldy and distracting to their workout, all while absorbing quickly and getting the energy to the athlete when they need it the most.

How Do Energy Gels Work?

All energy gels vary on what they can nutritionally provide. These gels are specifically formulated to provide a replacement energy that has been expended. Some gels contain caffeine or electrolytes to keep up an athlete’s stamina. Many factors contribute to fueling the human body and helping it to recover. Each gel is specifically formulated to push the body to its peak performance.

When Should You Take Them?

Energy gels work most efficiently when they are consumed during or after a workout. When consumed during a workout, these gels provide your cells extra energy to feed on. If consumed after a workout, it can help fuel the body as it heals microtears in the muscles and energizes cells that worked hard to keep the body going through extended athletic activity.

What Can Manuka Honey Do For Energy Gels?

Manuka honey is a raw honey that comes from New Zealand with the bees that gather nectar from Manuka trees. The health benefits of Manuka honey have been well documented. Compared to regular honey, Manuka honey is full of nutrients that boost the immune system and provide extra bacteria resistance to the body’s immune system.

It’s no secret honey is a superior carbohydrate. Energy gels using raw Manuka honey contain the ideal ratio of glucose and fructose, providing a balanced energy release after ingestion. This energizes your body through your workout, keeping your stamina and endurance elevated and free from fatigue when you need it most.

The age of athletes using water, flat cola, and sports drinks to hydrate during and after strenuous activity is at an end. We are proudly announcing the reign of energy gels has begun! If you’re looking for a quick and sustained energy source on the go, look no further than energy gels with Manuka honey.


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