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Protect Your Body—and Your Reputation

Informed Choice ensures sports nutrition products don’t contain banned substances

The demand for health and nutrition supplements is ever-increasing—attracting many hobbyists and amateur athletes who want to enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance.

Unlike professional athletes, however, these amateur athletes don’t need to comply with strict rules about substances that have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Therefore, many readily-available supplements may include banned ingredients that could put their health or reputation at risk.

What’s the answer? A program called Informed Choice.

About Informed Choice

Informed Choice makes it easy for consumers—pros and amateurs alike—to find products that don’t cross that line.

It’s a program that ensures the quality of sports nutrition products and certifies that they don’t contain any materials that have been banned for sport. To ensure quality control and accuracy, Informed Choice tests raw materials and monitors the facilities in which supplements are manufactured.

If you see the Informed Choice logo, you can rest assured that your product does not contain any materials that have been prohibited for sports use. Products bearing the logo have not only been tested, they’ve been checked on a repeated basis (at least monthly) for traces of such banned substances.

Benefit #1: Avoid potentially harmful products and crazes

Health and nutrition crazes come and go. And many of the claimed benefits of these products, however, have more to do with hearsay than clinical testing. In fact, some products claiming to offer health benefits can even damage your health.

With Informed Choice, you can know immediately that your product contains what is says it does, and that it does not also contain traces of banned substances. The Informed Choice logo certifies that the supplement manufacturer has complied with the required level of quality, so these supplements can be considered safe for athletes.

Benefit #2: Sidestep cross-contamination

Even if you’re using a product that complies with WADA rules, it’s possible that cross-contamination may have occurred from another product or another brand. This can happen in warehouses, where products are stored together.

Remember, it only takes a trace of a banned substance during a urine test to trigger alarms and hurt or kill an otherwise promising career.

Even if your supplement brand is respectable, how do you know that it hasn’t been contaminated by another brand? Because products with the Informed Choice logo have been tested at least monthly, you know that they contain no banned substances, even as a result of accidental cross-contamination.

Benefit #3: Bypass untested herbal ingredients

Many supplements contain herbal ingredients, the chemical make-up of which are not understood. Whether or not the benefits are real, the fact remains that people who use them are introducing an unknown element into their diets.

If you prefer to stay in control of your diet and your training, you should lean toward tested ingredients with a proven record. By consuming supplements approved by Informed Choice (like Manuka Sport) you can stay in control of the supplements you put into your body.

History of Informed Choice

In 2007, one of the world’s best sports doping control laboratories, HFL Sports Science, now called the LGC, established the Informed Choice certification program. Its mission: to create a comprehensive program that not only tested products but raised the manufacturing standards.

For manufacturers, Informed Choice is a voluntary program. They may register some or all of their products in order to earn the right to use the Informed Choice logo on those products.

Therefore, if you see the Informed Choice logo, you know that the brand has made a proactive decision to provide high-quality manufacturing processes, remove the risk of cross-contamination, and demonstrate its dedication to providing safer, healthier products for its valued customers.

By purchasing Informed Choice products, you support the movement towards safer sports supplements and better quality manufacturing across the industry. Informed Choice-certified products give you peace of mind and better quality supplements, too.