NBA Legend Reggie Miller Talks Mountain Biking and Manuka Sport

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NBA Legend Reggie Miller Talks Mountain Biking and Manuka Sport

Reggie Miller is an all-time leader in three-pointers for the Indiana Pacers basketball team, and an NBA Hall of Famer–but he’s also a mountain biker. We sat down with Reggie to discuss his new passion for riding and why he fuels his races with Manuka Sport.

It all began when Miller’s friend Tim Commerford, bassist for Rage Against the Machine, invited him to go riding, “[Tim] took me on my first ride and loaned me my first bike, [I] was hooked after that. I live in Malibu which is surrounded by trails, [it’s] hard not to get into mountain biking.

Miller was captivated. Since then, he’s participated in several events. When asked about which he prefers, Miller stated, “I would say I’m more of an Endurance rider with cross-country tendencies.”

Mountain biking wasn’t easy for this 6-foot-7, basketball star. His height limited his availability for bikes, but his two Santa Cruz bikes, Blur and Tallboy, and his specialized Diverge gravel bike help him reach full potential at race-time.

Biking fuels Miller’s competitive spirit, even after retirement. Miller rides for fun, but he also rides in collaboration with Castelli, his custom jersey in Pacers colors, to raise money for the Dropping Dimes Foundation. “[I] have a fabulous partnership with Castelli. They’ve been great at helping [fundraise] for [the] Dropping Dimes Foundation which helps retired ABA players who have fallen on hard times. All proceeds go towards the Foundation.”

Before a race, Reggie finds fuel from “carbo-loading. Pancakes, eggs, rice, potatoes, pasta. During the race, I’m hydrating with Manuka hydration and sucking down the honey-citrus energy gels. After the race, I’ll have a honey chocolate recovery drink and any food close to me.”

Our Manuka honey-infused products give Miller the energy he needs to ride hard –“[it] keeps me engaged, alert, and hydrated for peak performance. Ryan Geiger got me on Manuka products after riding with him, and I liked the energy I was able to sustain [with them].”

Reggie Miller is infatuated with mountain bike riding. He’s using his newfound love to stay fit and competitive and to donate to a great cause. Miller has been killing it at the amateur cross-country and endurance events, and he’s sharing his success through collaboration with Castelli, the Dropping Dimes Foundation, and Manuka Sport.

In the future, Miller sees himself fueling 30 and 50-mile races with Manuka Sport hydration drinks and gels. We are proud to call Reggie Miller a Manuka Warrior, and we’ll be cheering him on as he continues to raise money for Dropping Dimes while pushing himself to achieve his new dreams.

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